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Sound Vibrations and Dawn

Have you ever noticed how everything within the universe has a repeated pattern? Similarly, the cycles of your own body reflect the cycles of the whole planet. Every single day, without expectation, the sun rises, marking our daily rebirth, a time to start another day with gratitude and a positive mindset for a better way of living. Every day, the sun sets, marking a need to unwind and suspend our consciousness. And what happens in between is life.

Beginning your day greeting the sun while practicing our unique sound vibration meditation will help you set a calm and intentional tone for your day. Greeting each morning with tranquility and focus will strengthen your connectedness to self and nature. As the sun rises and darkness falls, you can let go of past regrets and embrace the new dawn with an open heart while cultivating compassion.

Every morning, we will let the sun’s energy flow into our bodies, restoring us to health and tranquility. The pristine beauty of this property, located in Southern California, with its high-frequency location that has been lovingly blessed and bathed in Naam Vibration daily for over two years will help you to dive into serenity with ease. The city's Dark Sky Ordinance policy in the region not only protects the region's wildlife, habitat, and quality of life from light pollution but will also enhance your experience of viewing the sun rising through a completely dark sky.


Enhances a deep sense of calm in mind and body, reduces needless worry and habitual thought patterns, boosts positivity, prevents stress and anxiety, improves concentration and focus, increases energy and vitality, increases kindness and compassion, boosts your confidence and self-esteem, plants seeds for a successful and joyful day 


90 minutes


Guest’s choice (comfortable clothes, use layers)

The primary goal of the Naam Sunrise Meditation is to connect with the Divine within and tap into the hidden knowledge of the universe.

According to yogic tradition, the ideal time to practice yoga and meditation is in the “ambrosial hours,” which are the 2 1/2 hours before sunrise when the sun is at a 60-degree angle to the Earth. In mysticism, this time is also referred to as the “Hour of the Creator,” when the unique stillness on earth most supports our spiritual work. The sun has been used as a symbol of life, power, and majesty. Greeting the sun with meditation has been used by mystics and seekers for centuries. They perceived the sun as an inspiration for internal illumination, conscious awareness, and self-realization.

See What Our Best Clients Are Saying...

“I had the great fortune to spend some time at the property, and I can only say that it is a truly magical place. The beauty of nature surrounding the retreat location is breathtaking and invites you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. The sunrise meditation was magical, and I could feel my inner self starting to shine as I merged in the dance with the elements.

The people who bring this property to life are wonderful souls radiating love and light. They supported me on my journey and helped me gain deep insights and healing. I sincerely hope that you too have the opportunity to get to know Naam Estate and its wonderful people. It is a place that will enrich your life and help you find a deeper connection to yourself and nature.”the 


"Sunrise meditation in the Malibu mountains has been a revitalizing ritual for me.

Each morning, as I meditate with the sunrise, I find peace in the stillness of nature, surrounded by breathtaking views.

This practice has greatly reduced my stress levels and prepared me mentally for the day ahead.

The simple act of starting my day focusing on my breath with the sunrise has improved my daily clarity and focus, making every day more productive and fulfilling.

It’s an enriching experience that I believe can benefit everyone.