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Harmonyum Healing addresses the root cause of mental, emotional, and physical health disturbances, and as a result, the body’s natural healing capacity kicks into gear and symptoms can resolve naturally.

Hamonyum is a gentle, relaxing, non-invasive modality that sends healing to the nervous system and brain and is safe for any health condition. It brings the mind and body to a “zero point” state so that our health can be restored, resulting in sound sleep, improved digestion, better heart function, and heightened youth and vitality. 

Harmonyum creates a platform for self-healing. It expands your awareness to better recognize how the law of cause and effect impacts your life. Through this awareness, the gentle elimination of destructive energies such as anger, fear, stress, and anxiety is facilitated, and they are gradually replaced with feelings of peace and serenity.

By incorporating Harmonyum into your life, freeing yourself from trauma, stress, and exhaustion is possible.


Relaxation, stress reduction, improvement of insomnia, reduction of chronic pain, elevated mood and feelings of peace and serenity, gentle elimination of destructive energies such as anger, fear, and anxiety.


45 minutes


Guest’s choice (comfortable clothes)

The primary goal of a Harmonyum Healing treatment is to empower the self-healing mechanism inside each person.

During a Harmonyum session, the client and the practitioner release the connection to the health disturbance and focus on complete balance.

The Harmonyum practitioner does not direct healing to create a specific outcome.

The responsibility of the Harmonyum practitioner is to free themselves of any blockages to the transmission of life-giving and life-restoring Divine Love.

Divine Love does not need direction; it knows where to go to restore the natural flow of love in the body that nurtures the organs and increases the pranic supply to all cells.

See What Our Best Clients Are Saying...

“Harmonyum is healing beyond medicine. It's incredible how a treatment so easy and non-invasive can be so powerful.”

Dr. Peter Balacky


“From anxiety, loss of direction, lack of self-belief, heartache, back pain, and so many more unpleasant inner feelings - Harmonyum Healing has helped me through it all.

Harmonyum Healing makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful.”

Elina R.

Amazing Mum

“I received a Harmonyum treatment, not knowing what to expect, and was amazed by how much it shifted my energy. My practitioner’s genuine, friendly nature and intuitive guidance comforted me. Her knowledge of breathwork and healing touch took me to a deeper place of relaxation and clarity within myself. It even released some tears (of joy) that I had been holding back for a while. I look forward to working with her. Thank you!”

Sam Larken


“I experienced a profound relaxation while being in a dreamlike state in my Harmonyum session. I loved it. I just want to get this more often!”

Eva G.