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The Naam Evening Ritual and Meditation is designed to help you reconnect with nature while building a stronger bond with your authentic self.

We all know how important it is to unwind at the end of our day so that we can reset our body, mind, and spirit. Furthermore, establishing a meditative routine to quiet your mind and relax your body before you fall asleep can help you get a more profound, better rest. This is especially important to entrepreneurs who need to stay sharp and focused all day.

This technology-free time will help relax you and cultivate the right mindset for visualization and manifestation. Quieting the mind is a struggle for many people who are used to sticking to a go-go-go mindset all day. But this is precisely why mental relaxation is so essential in the creative process. Mystical rituals have been used throughout history to mark moments of great significance and bond people together. Mystical rituals give us the opportunity to cleanse ourselves from negativity, fulfill our spiritual needs, and bring in blessings.


Better health, greater psychological well-being, reduced depression and stress, even during difficult times; enhanced positive feelings, better ability to handle stress, increased sense of belonging and hope, clarity, manifestation, awakening of consciousness.


60 minutes


Guest’s choice (comfortable clothes; dress in layers, as it gets colder)

The primary goal of the Naam Evening Ritual is to let go of the day that passes and consciously prepare for the next day 

The Naam Evening Ritual and Meditation will help you open your heart, cultivate empathy for yourself and others, practice gratitude, and bring awareness to what is most important to you and what brings you the greatest happiness. We will practice guided visualization to help you become more mindful of your heart’s desires so you can manifest them with ease. In addition, we will focus on detoxing judgment (towards yourself and others), negative thoughts, and speech so that you can focus more on the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or future. The Naam spiritual rituals can take you beyond your ego mind and give you an experience of your true self. At the end of the ritual, you will also receive a combination of herbs for a sacred bath. If you have never taken a spiritual bath, then you are in for a treat! It is a unique kind of bathing ritual that dates back to ancient times. A spiritual bath can help you to cleanse your mind and spirit. The sacred cleansing ritual is not simply for the sake of de-stressing and cleaning your body like a regular shower; spiritual baths require you to be present and mindful. Spiritual baths are designed to help imbue you with certain desired benefits or be used as a manifestation tool to bring about things like abundance and creativity.

See What Our Best Clients Are Saying...

"Immersing myself in the evening was my favorite part of the retreat. As the sun set, I found peace in the rustling leaves and the gentle symphony of the outdoors. This sacred time grounded me, allowing reflection and a release of daily stresses.

Nature, with its timeless wisdom, becomes my mentor, offering clarity and a deep sense of gratitude.

Another favorite was the sacred bath rinse—a moment to cleanse not only my body but also my spirit. This additional act of self-care added a touch of ritualistic magic, further enriching my journey toward tranquility and restful sleep."”

Karla P.

“As the sun set in the property my husband and I immersed ourselves in its golden glow, letting the whispers of the wind guide our reflections. Drawing inspiration from the Kabbalistic session of the day, I sense the interconnected dance of life. Before bedtime, we continued this ritual with a sacred bath—a cleansing of body and spirit.

This harmonious blend of nature, ancient wisdom, and a ritual bath has become our nightly routine, a journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal.”

Betty and Joseph L.

Happy Couple